Proactive Eco-Friendly Operations

As a conscientious organization for the society,as well as for the surroundings, we practice the green initiative, hence, containing & controlling smoke emission from our melting processes.

Aluminum metal (Al) is one of the most reactive elements and is abundantly present on the earth’s crust.
It can be toxic in nature when high in concentration.

In today’s third world countries, where little consideration is given to protect the environment, it is our belief that effective pollution control systems are a necessity for sustainable business operations.

We have installed an effective Air Pollution Control System for Aluminum by using quality approved components and raw materials. Additionally, we conduct regular quality checks under different parameters to make sure that the systems are flawless, in addition to being effective and least damaging for the environment.

The TSP, Carbon monoxide and Sulphur emission is being reduced as per international permissible limits by “Wet Scrubber” & “Bag House System,” which is one of its kind in Pakistan.

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