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State of the Art Technology

Horizon Alloys (Pvt.) Ltd. possess an ARL 3460 optical emission spectrometer, which is the most widely used metal analyzer in the world, installed by certified technicians from Switzerland.

The ARL 3460 is a multi-channel optical emission spectrometer that is designed for swift & accurate metal analysis.
The instrument efficiency has been achieved without decreasing its legendary stability and ease-of-use, allowing simple integration in the customer environment with the target to increase productivity. It also greatly suits incoming material control and serves as the principle referential for orientation in Quality Control, as well as Research & Development, pertinent to metals.

Horizon Alloys also own a Q2-ION Ultra-Compact Metals Analyzer, which is a versatile multi-matrix system for comprehensive incoming material inspection and quality assurance of metal alloys.

The Q2 ION covers all major alloying elements in many applications such as Steel, Aluminum, and Coppers alloys.

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